Sun Tree Yoga

Come root yourself down in the studio with us...........

Sun Tree Yoga

4435 Calder

Beaumont, TX


Sun Tree Yoga is a studio based on the principals of........

                          "Were all in-this cosmic soup called LIFE together"

You were expecting something more Buddha like or enlightened right? :)

We offer a tremendous amount of freedom in our studio.  Freedom to Be you, live your truth, trust your journey, laugh, play, love, curse like a sailor, graffiti the walls (well, tree wall and the bathroom walls)!

Every day we continue our intention of making yoga affordable to everyone. Any class is $10.

Our many teachers yoga styles range a plenty!  Such uniqueness we all share, which bonds us through our breathing, chanting, movements, and presence here at the studio.

We open our hearts to you to create that sacred space within and around yourself in the studio with us.

Private yoga sessions available.

Also in the studio.........                        




Massage Therapy, Energy Work

       & Chakra Balancing

           Erin Barrows


 Personal Training

   The Zen Gym

    Angi Walker